How Do I Go from Black to Blonde Hair

How Do I Go from Black to Blonde Hair?

Billie Eilish’s New Blonde Bombshell Transformation Has Inspired Us, Too. Going from black to blonde is a significant hair change, and we are here to help! However, as good as the result appears, the journey to get there can be difficult. If you’re anything like us, you’ve experimented with hair colors, box dyes, and at-home haircuts in the last year, which might complicate the overall transformation. Not to worry, since if there is a will, there is a way! and we’ll get you there (with plenty of bleach and conditioner)!

Step 1: Maintain Your Hair’s Health

It is critical to consider the health and integrity of your hair before embarking on your color journey. Because the coloring process is time-consuming and damaging to your hair, it must be healthy!

Begin with conditioning treatments, reduce the use of heat tools, and replace cheaper products with salon-quality (sulfate/paraben-free) shampoos and conditioners. Trimming any dead ends is also necessary if your hair is to be strong enough to withstand the bleaching process! You can begin the dyeing process after your hair has been properly prepped.

Step 2: Examine Your Hair

on Your First Visit to the Salon Bring a cup of coffee and a snack! “Time Will Be Your Friend For This Transformation,” Frisoni says. A thorough hair analysis is the first step in this process. A strand test will be performed to see how the bleach reacts with your hair. When this is completed and you are ready to begin, your colorist will begin the “Bleach Out” process.

You Can Expect to Have Your Entire Head Bleached, Except for About 1 Inch of Your Root — Because Your Scalp Is a Heat Conductor, It Will Process Your Root Bleach Faster Than the Rest of Your Hair, So Do This Step Last. After the rest of your hair has had time to process, your colorist will bleach your roots.

Step 3: Stripping Color

Because this is a laborious process, expect the color striping to be repeated several times before you reach the “pale yellow” stage. Your color will progress from black to red, red to orange, orange to bright yellow, and finally to a pale yellow where toner can be applied to achieve your desired blonde color. If your hair can tolerate a second bleaching during your first salon visit, your colorist will repeat the bleaching process. If not, they will advise you to return once your hair has had time to recover – usually six weeks.

Depending on your progress, you’ll most likely leave the salon with an orangish color after having your color stripped in the bleach out process. Frisoni recommends having your colorist tone your hair to a flattering shade in the weeks before the stripping process so that you can tolerate the tones that may be left behind.

Step 4: Repetition

Depending on the starting color and strength of your hair, you may need to repeat the stripping process a third or fourth time to get the pale yellow stage. Billie Eilish’s Colorist Confirmed That It Took Four Dye Sessions for Eilish to Remove Her Jet Black Hair. This color stage is required to tone your hair to a lighter blonde.

You may notice that some areas lighten faster than others throughout the color lifting process; this simply means that you will need to spot treat specific areas to have your base all the same color. Because the bleaching process is so damaging to your hair, Frisoni recommends incorporating a “bond builder” into your bleach formula. This will help protect your hair from additional damage. It is important to note that Bond Builder dilutes the bleach slightly, but your hair will thank you in the end!

Step 5: It’s Time to Add Color to Your Hair

Color! It’s All in the Toner, Whether You Want to Go Full Marilyn Monroe or a Little Softer Blonde Like Eilish! In the case of Billie Eilish, she chose an ash blonde tone and a solid coloring. Frisoni always recommends bringing inspiration photos to ensure your colorist has a clear idea of the tones you want to achieve for your final look.

Tips for Aftercare:

It’s Not Easy Being a Blonde! Maintenance and care are just as important as the journey itself. Color maintenance should be done every eight weeks, including root touch-ups, tone, and trimming if necessary. Nourishing your hair is always important, especially after such a harsh process, therefore using conditioning treatments and purple shampoo on a regular basis to remove brassy tones is essential!

We did the research for you, and now it’s time for you to shine like a superstar! Follow These Simple Steps to Transform Your Hair from Black to Blonde and Tell Us What You Think of Your New Look!

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