Welcome to Hair At 731 – Your Ultimate Destination for Hair Care, Styling, and Inspiration!

At Hair At 731, we’re not just a salon; we’re a legacy that has been shaping the hair industry since 1984. Founded by Jane and Bob Kuniegel, our salon has deep roots in quality service, excellence, and a passion for helping you look and feel your best.

Our Story

Hair At 731 isn’t just a business; it’s a family tradition. Situated in a building that has been a part of Bob’s family since the 1950s, our salon exudes history and charm. Over the years, we’ve become an integral part of our community, providing exceptional hair care and styling services to our valued clients.

Our Commitment

Our success is rooted in our unwavering commitment to providing high-end service in a friendly, professional atmosphere. When you walk through our doors, you’re not just a customer; you’re our focus. We understand that your hair is a reflection of your unique style and personality, and we’re here to help you shine.

Why Hair At 731?

Hair At 731 is more than just a salon; it’s a hub for hair enthusiasts, trendsetters, and anyone looking to elevate their hair game. After years of successful business at our salon, we decided to take our passion for hair to the next level and share our knowledge with a wider audience. This led to the creation of our blog.

Hair At 731 Blog

Our blog is an extension of our salon, where we aim to spread valuable information about hair care, different hairstyles, and tips and techniques to help you achieve the look you desire. Whether you’re a seasoned hair pro or just starting your hair journey, our blog has something for everyone.

What You Can Expect

  • Expert Advice: Our team of experienced stylists and hair care professionals will share their insights, tips, and tricks to keep your hair looking its best.
  • Style Inspiration: Explore the latest trends, timeless classics, and unique hairstyles to find your perfect look.
  • Product Recommendations: Discover the best hair care products, tools, and techniques to achieve salon-quality results at home.
  • Community and Engagement: Connect with fellow hair enthusiasts, ask questions, and share your own experiences with our supportive community.

Join Our Hair Journey

We invite you to join us on this exciting hair journey. Whether you’re looking for practical tips, style inspiration, or simply want to stay connected with the latest trends, Hair At 731 is your go-to destination. Together, we’ll unlock the secrets to gorgeous, healthy hair.

Thank you for being a part of the Hair At 731 family. We look forward to helping you discover your best hair ever!