24 Scrunchie Hairstyles for Today’s 90’s Girl

24 Scrunchie Hairstyles for Today’s 90’s Girl

Websites, journals, and trend lists all claim the scrunchie is back, but did it ever go away? 

The scrunchie has made a comeback in today’s trend-obsessed world, walking down the runway at many fashion weeks, being featured in couture photo shoots, and being worn by models, influencers, and even actors. 

For those of us who wore them as small girls, we now have more alternatives than ever as mature women. Scrunchies come in a variety of fabrics, including satin, corduroy, sequins, and scarves. Whether you’re getting ready for (or in) your next Zoom meeting, grocery shopping, or visiting a friend for breakfast, the scrunchie can help you manage your hair simply, and when you don’t need it, she’s a fantastic compliment on your wrist. 

Scrunchies also cause far less hair damage than traditional hair ties. Because they are composed of cloth, they pull and snag less on hair strands, which is why many women prefer them.

There’s more to a scrunchie than just a high pony or a messy bun – but they are the greatest and most popular forms. But before we get into our top 25 scrunchie hairstyles, here’s some background.

Who invented scrunchies, anyway?

The first scrunchie was invented in 1986 by Romy Revson, a singer and pianist. Revson was looking for a fabric hair tie that would keep her hair held back without the plastic or metal elements that were causing damage to her hair. Revson frequently appeared in clubs and required a decent hair accessory to keep her hair out of her face while singing. 

Revson was inspired by the elastic waistband of jeans and handcrafted the first scrunchie prototype in black and gold. Revson developed the idea in 1987 and sold it to the business scünci, which popularized the scrunchie.

Revson’s original prototype and sewing machine are housed in the Smithsonian Institution. Together with another well-known scrunchie – one that has gone where no other accessory has before – space. Col. Pamela Melroy, a Space Shuttle pilot, presented her blue scrunchie to the museum in 2004 after wearing it on missions in 2000 and 2002.

The scrunchie took one modest stride for style and one great leap for hair, but where will it go next? The options are limitless. As an example, we’ve compiled a list of 25 scrunchie hairstyles that are simple to do. 

Best scrunchie hairstyles for the modern day 90’s girl

1. The Scrunchie Ponytail 

The high pony is the go-to trend with a scrunchie that is both classic and current. You may easily achieve this style with a sloppy ponytail for a casual look or the correct suit. To achieve a more office-friendly style with a scrunchie ponytail, comb and smooth your hair into the scrunchie for a cleaner, sleeker look ideal for your 9 to 5 job.

2. The Half Pony

Another great scrunchie hairstyle and another retro elegant appearance. Like the full pony, the half pony can be worn high and tight or untidy and free. This look is also ideal for adding length and volume with hair extensions. Scrunchies are fantastic since they work well for long or short hair, and unlike other hair ties, they don’t have to be tied numerous times or tightly to complete the effect.

3. High Pony and Braid

A unique take on the traditional pony. Tie your hair high and smooth it using mousse or a styling product such as gel. Using a scrunchie, secure the ponytail and braid it. The braid can fall behind or to the side of your head, creating a creative new appearance that complements the high ponytail.

4. The Top Bun

Another favorite is the scrunchie top bun, ideal for meetings, running errands, or working out. Use a scrunchie (or two) to secure a tight or untidy bun, and for a truly retro style, leave a few sections of hair loose in front.

5. Side Pony with Braid

This is a simple look that is ideal for in-between-wash days. Pull your hair to one side and make a loose braid, then fix it with your favorite scrunchie.

6. Scrunchie Pigtails

Why use one scrunchie when two will suffice? This pigtail look is suitable for all hair types. This is a fun scrunchie hairstyle for you, whether you construct two parts using just the hair on top of your head or gather all your hair into two pieces.

7. Multi-Scrunchie Ponytail

On the subject of many scrunchies, we’d like to present this idea for a simple twist on the low ponytail. This is a terrific way to use your scrunchie collection or our Snag-Free Satin Scrunchie Set if you have long hair. Tie many scrunchies around your ponytail. 

8. Scrunchies and Bubbles

Another look that incorporates many scrunchies, but this time with longer hair. For a fuller-looking bubble ponytail, lightly pull each part at the sides to stretch the hair between the scrunchies. Use hair extensions to achieve substantially fuller and longer ‘bubbles.’

9. Mix and Match Accessories

Wide brim hats are linked with fall style and trends; why not incorporate your scrunchie style? Tie a low ponytail beneath your wide-brimmed hat. Choose a scrunchie with a burst of color to make it stand out. 

10. Large and in Charge

Why use the same scrunchie for every bun look when you can experiment with a huge scrunchie? Make a statement with your bun by securing it with a huge scrunchie. 

11. Long and Loose

Low ponytails cause less pulling on your hairline and scalp, making them an excellent alternative to the traditional high pony. However, the low pony can be interesting. Using hair extensions, create a thick, loose braid. The braid does not have to be precise, and using thicker and thinner parts to make the braid provides texture for a distinct aesthetic.

12. Stacked Curls

Scrunchies come in various sizes, with the little ones providing the most versatility in hairstyles. Layer your hair into a top bun with little scrunchies. These can also be combined with a ponytail to create a multi-scrunchie style.

13. Braided Buns

Part your hair into two portions (half up and half down) for a double braided bun. Once you’ve finished the top half, divide it into two halves. Make a French braid at the top of your head and bind the remainder of your hair into a scrunchie bun; repeat for the second bun and you’ve got two braided scrunchie buns.

14. The Tuck-Under

For this basic ponytail design, use any size scrunchie. Simply wrap your hair into a ponytail and keep the last portion tucked into your scrunchie for a half bun style.

15. Scrunchies and Box Braids

Protective hairstyles like box braids are reliable for preserving delicate strands tucked away during the colder months for natural or Type 4 hair. For a more casual style, pair box braids with a scrunchie to keep your hair out of your face. 

16. The Bridal Scrunchie

Yes, the scrunchie has become more formal. This veil scrunchie is ideal for the bride who likes to experiment with her veil. Combining the satin scrunchie and the veil creates a playful, formal aesthetic. Make a loose bun or an updo with the scrunchie to allow the veil to fall behind you.

17. Accessory Party

Isn’t it true that two trends are better than one? When scrunchies resurfaced, so did hair clips and berets – the 90s hair trends returned in full force, and we’re not complaining. For days when style isn’t your thing, pair a couple hair accessories with your scrunchie to create looks that stand out.

18. The Multi-Twist

You can achieve this half-up look with a simple pull-through by using small scrunchies. Pull your hair up and beneath the ponytail after securing it in a loose half pony. Repeat the first step by tying this portion into a tiny scrunchie. You can use many scrunchies depending on the length of your hair.

19. Fishtail Scrunchie

Finish your fishtail braid with a scrunchie to add some oomph. Fishtail braids are a unique take on the traditional braid, and we love the look on long and medium hair. If you’ve never tried a fishtail braid or want to improve your braiding skills.

20. Scrunchie scarf

Scrunchies have evolved since Revson debuted her prototype in the mid-1980s. The many sizes, fabrics, and now versions of the scrunchies have evolved to fit any woman’s style. This scrunchie type can be used for ponytails or buns, whether more formal or in whimsical prints.

21. The Multi Twist

Ideal for short or medium-length hairstyles. Use one scrunchie to form a ponytail and another scrunchie to produce another knotted up look. Aligning your scrunchies behind your head creates a twist or figure eight effect.

22. Center on Your Bangs

Sc scrunchies bring them to the forefront whether you have fringe bangs or loose, layered bangs. Whether you wrap your hair up completely or partially, scrunchies keep hair out of your face and allow your bangs to take center stage – literally and metaphorically. Allow bangs to steal the show!

23. Zoom Scrunchie

We love this loose, sloppy updo pulled together with a scrunchie, whether business on top or pajamas on the bottom. This is a great look to wear before a video call or virtual meeting. It’s both fashionable and professional.

24. Short and Sweet

Scrunchies aren’t just for lengthy braids and ponytails. If you have a lob or a shorter hairstyle, a scrunchie can be a fun accent to your look. Finish the look with a high half pony and beach waves.

25. Sparkles and Scrunchies 

The multi-trend look has been on this list multiple times, but none shines brighter than this glitter and scrunchie outfit. Part your hair into pigtails or just down the middle for a low pony and bind with a scrunchie. To finish the look, add glitter to your hair where it is separated for a little shine – the perfect holiday style.

Scrunchies are more than your average hair tie. They offer the versatility and style to match yours, regardless of the appearance you wish to achieve. 

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