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Hair at 731 Model


Classics prefer elegant, tailored timeless clothing. Your makeup is subtle and sophisticated, coordinated with a simple tasteful hairstyle, such as a bob . Hair color preferences range from a cinnamon brunette to sandy blonde, with a true auburn in between. Descriptors for you are: sophisticated simplicity, timeless, attention to detail, professional.


Soft and feminine characterize romantics. Never extreme, you gravitate toward delicate details like lace trimmings, ribbons, floral motifs. Your hair is most often soft and curly. Your hair color is always soft and shiny. Descriptors for you are: soft femininity, pearls and lace, curls and waves, soft illusion.

Hair at 731 Model


Naturals like casual, comfortable clothing in natural fibers with a playful flair. Your makeup is quick, easy and uncomplicated. A perfect haircut that falls in easily after shampooing is your answer. Be it a fringy face-framing razor cut or a shoulder-length swingy bob with soft layering, it must be easy. Your hair color must look like you were born with it. highlights should appear as if you were kissed by the sun, not struck by lightening! Your descriptors are: shampoo -and -run hair, minimalist makeup, active easy wear, and beauty on the run.


Dramatics opt for the most current wardrobe colors, and you make a statement with interesting one-of-a-kind accessories. When it comes to hair and makeup, dramatics love to experiment with the latest looks. Hair coloring for dramatics must always be noticeable, such as a cool-hot red. Your descriptors are: glamorous, trendy, colorful extremes, polished. Is it possible for you to be more than one profile? Yes. That makes it even more fun!

Hair at 731 Model