Careers $20k to $100k

Stylists start at a guaranteed living wage and can build a strong book in a year. We also currently have a very nice first floor, two bedroom apartment with off street parking & garage free with utilities one mile from the salon that we can provide free with utilities to any qualified stylist. We are understaffed and it is an excellent opportunity for anyone that can fulfill our business concept “The Professional and Friendly Hair Salon”. No gossip, just friendly professional service is how we have grown through the 34 years that we have been in business. Starting wage ( followed by high Service total percentages ) depends on skill level and work flexibility. We have 4 stations and are open 9 to 9 Tuesday through Friday & 9 to 5 Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday.

Wish to learn more send an email or text I will reply so that we could set up a phone conversation. All correspondences are kept strictly confidential. or 570-220-2395

Business Opportunity
Three possible deal options:

Step 1.
Please read all options to understand why you will need to convince us you have the qualities necessary to continue growing our business.
( We have the data to prove that our bottom line has increased through the years. )

If we can move past Step 1 to the Deal Option stage:

Option 1.
We will sign a contract to turn over the business to you in one-year if you can continue the growth trend in the statistics which we have. You will work one year with good pay. Jane will be out of the salon and receive one year’s profit which will pay for the business.

Option 2.
If you wish to purchase the business outright and can convince us that you have the qualities to be as successful as we have been you can purchase the business outright for $100,000 cash.

The reason we would insist on good qualities and offer the low purchase price is that we wish a long-term tenant for the great location which has a $30,000 LED digital billboard, off street parking, corner property at a traffic light on the Main street intersection which connects Keyser Avenue to Clarks Sumit, Main St. Taylor & North Scranton, Main streets in Duryea, Pittston and all easy access down River locations into Wilkes-Barre & Dallas.

Rent would be $2000 per month which is $1000 below the fair market value. Why might you ask is the rent low? We save the expense of finding a different commercial tenant, downtime finding them & the higher chance of new business failure requiring us to re-start the rental process.

Plus Jane gets to retire after 33 years of success and helps ensure that some excellent staff does not lose their jobs.

Option 3.
Some combination of Option 1 & Option 2.

Option 4.
Our current staff has no interest in ownership. If we do not find a qualified person to take over the salon we are considering making it a Corporation and giving all staff partial ownership in the corporation based on what they contribute to total salon Service.

Wish to learn more… send an email or text. I will reply so that we could set up a phone conversation. All correspondences are kept strictly confidential. 570-220-2395